Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Adventure Science Center Friday, July 27

Looking back at our schedule for the summer, you can see we haven't managed to stick to our original plans.  I guess that's the beauty of planning something like Fun Jar - you just change the plans to suit your needs!

I have a stress fracture in my ankle that makes walking difficult, so this week's choice was limited by walkability.  Kate's first suggestion of Cheekwood was quickly dismissed.  Her sisters joked that I would have to say, "OK.  I'll be by the lake if you need me." I replied that it would probably take me an hour to hobble TO the lake from the parking lot.  Anna and Bekah responded by doing a mommy dance where they hobbled around our living room.  Sadly, I did not get it on video for you.

If you are so inclined, we are going to the Adventure Science Center this Friday.  While it does require walking, I often pick a spot to sit and read while my children play.  I equip them with watches and have them check in with me periodically so that I can keep track of them.  The selection of the Science Center has the added benefit of being air-conditioned, which is helpful given the heat and humidity outside.

Here are the details for Friday, July 27:

Place: Adventure Science Center (click here for directions)
Time: 10ish to 1ish (we will probably buy lunch at the Subway onsite)
Who: All ages - just know that you may need to hustle to keep up with younger children here

While MNPS schools start up next Wednesday, I hope to do a few more Fun Jar events throughout August.  If you start school later, homeschool or have preschool children, feel free to join us!

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