Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tuesday, July 12: Adventure Science Center

After much debate and drawing several slips of paper from the Fun Jar, we have a destination for Tuesday: Adventure Science Center.  I'll be honest and say this is not my favorite of Nashville's museums.  This is largely because it's three levels and my three children invariably seem to head in three different directions (and because I'm an art geek and will always choose art over science).  In regard to the former, this is the perfect week to visit because Anna will be away at camp, so I'll only have two Truss girls to keep tabs on.  In regard to the latter, I may squeeze a trip to the Frist Center in soon. For now, would you care to join us Tuesday?  It will be hot outside, but cool inside...

Where: Adventure Science Center (click for directions)
When: Tuesday, July 12, 10:00
How Much: This one's not cheap, friends; $12 adults, $10 for each child over the age of 2
Extras Include: Planetarium ($6 for each for all over the age of 2); there are shows at 11:30 and 1:30 that we can discuss as a group once we're there
Lunch: Pack your own and bring it with you; we can picnic together and then continue exploring or head home for nap time

Hope you can join us!

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