Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun for this Week

This week is going to be hot (again!), so we had a Truss girl meeting and came up with the following plan for fun this week:

Tuesday, 10:00
Regal Summer Movie Express at Green Hills Theater
Kit Kittredge or Despicable Me
Followed by lunch in Green Hills (place TBD)

Wednesday, 12:00 - 1:30
Parthenon Visit

Anna and Bekah have been here on school visits, but Kate wants to see the inside and it's air-conditioned, so it seems like a good way to spend the hour and a half that Anna will spend dancing

Thursday, 1:30
Frist Center
We'll check out the exhibits and then head to ArtQuest - the best place for parents of crafty kids.  It's all of the art with none of the clean-up or planning.

I'll be out of town on Friday, so I'm not scheduling a Sweet Treats Friday this week.  Next Friday we'll get back on track.

As always, you and your family are welcome to join us for any and all of these activities.  Just let me know if you plan to meet us, so that we can look for you!

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