Friday, June 3, 2011

Next Tuesday's Fun: Nashville Zoo

Waiting to be filled with fun

During the last week of school, the girls and I made our lists of Fun Jar activities for the summer.  We each got about 8 slips of paper to complete with our favorite summer destinations.  Some places were listed by all four of us (the lake), some by only one (the State Capitol).  But before we could put them in the bowl serving as our "jar" this year, we had to reassemble the paintings that were on the reverse side of our slips:

This morning we made our first drawing and we're heading to the zoo next Tuesday.  Kate has a doctor's appointment that morning, so we'll arrive 11ish with lunch packed.  We'll head straight to the playground to eat, play and meet up with anyone who can join us.  If your morning is free, some of you may want to meet earlier and be near the end of your trip when you join us at the playground.  Just leave a comment if you're coming and let me know in the comment if you don't have my cell number and need it.  If you have a membership that includes a free pass you'd be willing to share, please indicate that.  Our membership doesn't have any of the bells and whistles.

Here are the details summarized:
Where: Nashville Zoo, meet at playground
When: Tuesday, June 7, 11:00
Who: You, your friends, your family, anyone you want to invite
Other Info: Click here for directions, admissions and parking costs
 Hope to see you soon!

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