Monday, May 30, 2011

Field Trips

Doesn't this just scream "fun"?  :-)
Late last week, the girls and I filled out our Fun Jar slips for this year.  A few entries were of note:

Visit the State Capitol (Submitted by Kate)
Visit the TN State Museum (Submitted by Bekah)

Both of these are at least as much field trip as Fun Jar activity, especially since I have to schedule a time to visit the State Capitol.  Tours last 30-45 minutes may be scheduled beginning at 9 with the last tour starting at 3.

If you want to join us, leave a comment with the following information:
1) The ages of your children
2) Any Tuesdays that don't work for you
3) Any tour time preferences you have

I think I'll get the State Capitol trip scheduled first (because Kate puts more pressure on me than Bekah does) and then I'll worry about the TN State Museum's Egyptian Relics exhibit.  But if you're interested in that one, go ahead and let me know.

We'll be pulling our first Tuesday Fun Jar outing this Friday, so look for updates on this blog to see if it's something you'd like to do.

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Anonymous said...

Jen G.
3rd week in June is not good for us
Any tour time is fine.