Thursday, May 14, 2009

Group Events

This year, I'm trying to get a head start on Fun Jar activities by planning one of our favorite events in advance. I've e-mailed Cheekwood to check on a group rate, which they gave us last year. Later today, I'll be calling the downtown library to see about arranging a private story time. I'll post those dates as soon as I have them.

If there are other places that charge admission where you'd like to go as a group, let me know and I'll see if they will give us a discount. Would there be interest in going to The Frist? We could get a tour and an adult rate of $7 instead of $8.50 - children under 18 are free.

We'll be starting Fun Jar the second full week in June because we'll be at the beach and then the girls are spending a week with my parents.

Feel free to spread the word about what we're doing and how to sign up for updates. Let me know via comments about activities of interest!

Looking forward to having fun with all of you!

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MommySecrets said...

You are awesome! I just subscribed to your RSS feed, and I can't wait to hear more as the summer progresses!

I wonder if the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro would be a fun daytrip...

And the Frist Center is free on Mondays, if you bring a can of food for the homeless.

Happy last few days of school,