Monday, December 12, 2011

Advent Week 3

These posts just keep getting written later and later in the week, don't they?  This time around I'll attribute that to a crazy weekend packed with Nutcracker performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Anna, with our family attending on Saturday.  Sunday brought not only more Nutcracker, but Kate singing at church.  Last week was busy, followed by a just as busy weekend.  So I'm looking forward to this week, which offers more time for us to control our schedule instead of letting our schedule control us.

Day 1
Think: Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Read about today's saint and make Mexican Hot Chocolate to celebrate.
Read:  The legend of the poinsettia and write in your Advent journal about what you can give Jesus when you feel you have nothing to give.
Do:  Make hot chocolate mix (yes, this was on our plan for Week 1, but we never did it).

Day 2
Think:  Today is the Feast of Saint Lucia.  The name Lucia comes from lux, which means light.  Look up what time the sun came up today and what time it will set.  Take time tonight to look at the stars lighting our sky.  Think about the fact that the stars you see tonight are the same ones that were seen centuries ago when Christ was born.
Read:  John 8:12.
Do:  Make Saint Lucia bread or rolls.

Day 3
Think:  Away in the Manger.  Silent Night.  Joy to the World.  O Come All Ye Faithful.  What is your favorite Christmas Carol and why?
Read:  About the origin of Christmas Carols here.
Do:  Write a stanza from your favorite Christmas Carol in your Advent Journal.

Day 4
Think:  Tomorrow is Las Posadas day.  What must it have been like to go from place to place asking for somewhere to sleep?  How much more stressful would it have been to be very pregnant and have nowhere to go?  Think about the people in our country, in our state, in our very neighborhood who have nowhere to sleep.
Read:  A book about Joseph and Mary's journey to Bethlehem.
Do:  Make a gingerbread house or manger.

Our weekly tutorial commitments are done, but we're using our extra day this week for a field trip.  We'll either visit the zoo (if it warms up) or go to the Frist Center and view the Northern Renaissance exhibit, focusing on the Madonna and Child images.

May your week give you the opportunity to play and listen as you wait this Advent season.

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