Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun for the Week of June 21

We've had something come up during the first half of our week, so we're going to limit our Fun Jar to one day this week...
Friday, 10:30 am - mid-afternoon, Percy Priest Lake Beach Area
My girls just can't get enough of the lake. So while we went there just two weeks ago, they begged to make this the second entry in next week's fun. If you haven't been, there's sand for building castles, a playground for quick breaks from the water, lots of shade for picnicking and a designated swimming area.
Cost: $4 to park
We decided to head to the lake next Friday instead of Thursday in the hopes that it might work for some of our friends who have Tuesday/Thursday commitments (especially those with wonderful weekday commitments like Parent's Day Out!). Depending on how our kitchen renovation is going, I may add a last minute Thursday event, so check back if that works better for you.

We'll be taking a Fun Jar break the week of June 28 while the girls vacation in Milwaukee with grandparents, so we'd love to see you next week if we haven't already gotten the chance to hang out with you. As always, if your schedule only allows you to join us for part of the time, please come anyway. You're always welcome before or after nap time. We'd love to see you soon!

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aimee Guest said...

Looks like we'll miss you again this week-I'm thinking the pool with lifeguards is daring for me with all four!
Can you email me details about the sounds game-date, price, etc? I think that would be fun for matt and the older kids to do.