Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun for the Week of June 14

My daughters started the summer with a nostalgic air - they wanted to go back to the good old days, when we put slips of paper into a Fun Jar and pulled them out for a surprise each week. But the first week into summer, they decided there were advantages to planning in advance - namely, that it let them choose their fun. So we reached a compromise - one day we pull from the jar, one day we choose.

Tuesday's Fun (pulled at random from the Fun Jar) is Shelby Park. We'll meet at the greenway entrance at 10:00 and have a picnic lunch at a nearby shelter after our walk. You are welcome to bring bikes, trikes or scooters, but it may be more difficult for the adults to keep up with the kids - and chat - if our children are all on wheels. Your call. :-) While I won't be sharing this part of the plan with my girls, if a few of us are interested, we can grab ice cream at Pied Piper or snow cones at the Jolly Rogue after lunch. You may also want to bring any stale bread hanging out at your house to let your kids feed the ducks after lunch. My girls always love this part of a Shelby Park visit!

Thursday's Fun (chosen by me to go easier with my schedule) is Granny White Park. I'll be in Brentwood anyway and thought this would be a good time to hang out with friends who live south of town. We'll arrive shortly after lunch (12:30ish) and wrap up our play time with ice cream at Maggie Moo's (using our Groupon, of course!).

If your schedule allows for more spontaneous outings, check this blog or the Facebook page Fun Jar 2010. Renovation of our kitchen starts Monday and I have a feeling we'll need to get out of our messy house more than just Tuesday and Thursday. Suggestions are welcome!

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Christina said...

Hey Truss Ladies!! We just flew in from St. Louis this AM, but if my preggo body is not too worn out (& can stand the heat) Chase & I will join you tomorrow at Shelby Park :-)