Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Day Like Today

A day like today is a good reminder of why I do the Fun Jar. The renovation of our kitchen started yesterday and while the day went well, I attribute that largely to the fact that Anna had a friend here to play all day and Bekah played with our contractor's son for most of the day. Had my own three daughters been stuck in their rooms or the basement together all day, it would not have been pretty.

So while I wasn't entirely thrilled about the Fun Jar draw of walking the one mile loop at Shelby Park's greenway, it would at least get us out of the house. In talking with a friend yesterday who was planning to join us for today's outing, she asked who I thought would be there today. I told her that I rarely know exactly who will be there until I show up. The surprise is part of the fun - for me and the girls. Today was no exception on that front.

About an hour before we were scheduled to meet at the park, a friend posted on Facebook that his kids were driving him - and each other - crazy. His son is Kate's age and his daughter, Bekah's age. So I offered to bring them along with us today. I'm so glad that I did. We had a small group today, so it was great to have friends along with us and it was easier to have them along than it would have been to host them in my chaotic house. I'm thankful I was not only able to help someone else by bringing their kids along, but that it was such an easy addition to our day. As an introvert, I can be hesitant to schedule lots of playdates for my daughters. And when I do, they don't always go well. Which makes me more hesitant to schedule playdates. So today was a good reminder that I can handle taking care of other people's children - and can even enjoy doing so.

A day like today is also a reminder that Fun Jar lets me reach out to people that I know, but not well. It lets me keep in touch with the friend I met when our daughters were at a Montessori school together - three years ago. It helps other moms get to know each other and get out of the house with their children. And it keeps me from going crazy about the plaster dust coating several rooms of my house on a day like today.

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