Monday, May 24, 2010

Friday, May 28 Strawberry Picking

Trying to decide what to do with your first full day of summer vacation? Strawberry season is winding down, so we're planning to load up on fresh berries at a pick your own berry farm this Friday, May 28.

If you've never picked berries with your children, I can tell you that my girls love it. OK, they love it for about the first hour. After that, they tend to sit in the shade, sip their water and play while I finish gathering berries for cobblers, ice cream or muffins. But if your child is young enough to hang out in a sling or old enough to pick berries, this is a fun outing.

Pictures are from last year's blueberry and blackberry picking. (Don't worry, we'll still do that this year. Those berries ripen in mid to late June.)

If you are interested in joining us, let me know ( since I will call the farm Thursday to make sure berries are still on the vines.


litl'amy said...

Hey we would love to join! Is 2 too young?

WordGirl said...

You know your child best, but I think age two is old enough. If nothing else, she'll pick berries for a while and then you can gather a few more to use for a Memorial Day dessert!

Unfortunately, I'm not sure whether my family will be there. Daughter #2 has strep throat, so we'll see how quickly the antibiotics have her back on her feet...