Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nashville Sounds Night Thursday, July 9

J and I went to a Sounds game this week and while we were there, it occurred to us how much the girls would enjoy a minor league baseball game. I thought it would be a fun departure from our normal daytime fun to have a Sounds night together. That way, the whole family can participate!

In looking at the schedule, the best date for us is Thursday, July 9. Game time is 7 pm and since this day is a Faith Night, there's a concert beforehand. Thursday's are also fireworks night, so if you're able to hang on to the end, that will await you and your family.

Your Part: Let me know if you want tickets and I'll buy all of the tickets so that we're seated together. Let me know by July 1 if you want tickets. I'll let you know closer to the outing about a meeting time and meeting place.

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